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Business digiTal Outlook Research Program

BTO: A Selected ELITE Company




 Published: 12th April 2018

We are very glad to announce that BTO is now part of ELITE, an international Program promoted by Borsa Italiana, born in 2012 in collaboration with Confindustria and dedicated to companies with high-growth potential.

ELITE is an ecosystem of excellence and prestige, made of ambitious like-minded people committed to success. It boosts growth by providing companies with access to the capital, skills and networks needed to strengthen scalable, sustainable and economically impactful enterprises, from the early stages to full maturity.

All the Italian companies participating in the ELITE program, operate in several industries, represent the Italian growing economy. For our company, ELITE represents an important achievement which testifies the growth BTO has had during the last years. The ELITE program will allow BTO to access new funding opportunities, to scale up and structure for an important growth process and to gain more visibility and attractiveness on the market, creating multiple contact occasions with potential investors and future partners.




BTO DIGITAL COMMUNITY: Digital Business Strategy 5.0




Published: 17th November 2017

Today we were in Milan for the Digital Business Strategy 5.0 Digital Executive Community, the last and most important event of the year organized by BTO Research. BTO Research Program is an Italian Leading Research Center on ICT and Digital Fields which offers a unique set of services represented through a formula that aims at supporting its partners in every digital challenge. During this event we had the pleasure to listen to Vallabh Sambamurthy, from Michigan State University, that provided us with a precious deepening about Digital Dusiness Strategy. The intensity of global competition and the advances in information technologies are creating new opportunities for digital disruption, innovation, and transformation. Existing incumbents and industry leaders in retailing, financial services, entertainment, hospitality, and healthcare are being challenged by digital giants such as Amazon, Google, Apple, and Netflix. Digital Business Strategy 5.0 is a transformational mindset toward the formulation and implementation of business strategy today. The goal of this session was to help C-suite executives think about their own business models and competition and learn about innovative ways of achieving competitive success through digitalization.




BTO Luxembourg on the last edition of InfoItalie









Published: 30th June 2017

BTO Research is a growing reality in European and foreign countries. We are now present in several countries including Luxembourg, where we are constantly developing new activities coordinated by Alessia Bonanno, our Luxembourg Country Manager. This month the magazine InfoItalie reserved an entire page to the developing business of BTO inside this country. BTO has been present in Luxembourg for 3 years. In this period, as the magazine reports, we have managed to bring concrete value to the companies we work with. You can find the link to the complete publishing here and you can read our article at page 25.




The Blockchain Academy talks about our last BTO Community




Published: 30th June 2017

Today we were in Munich for the Blockchain & Start-ups Digital Executive Community, an exclusive event organized by BTO Research. BTO Research Program is an Italian Leading Research Center on ICT and Digital Fields which offers a unique set of services represented through a formula that aims at supporting its partners in every digital challenge. Blockchain is a topic which starts to be recognized for its value and we were really pleased to be invited as guests for this event. The introductory speech held by prof. Ferdinando M. Ametrano brought all participants on the very same page when talking about Bitcoin & Blockchain. It is undeniable that all the recent hype is very much originating from the price rise of all the major cryptocurrencies, which have an overall market capitalization of $100 billion as we write. Anyway, despite all this hype Prof. Ametrano pointed out the main relevant points which should be considered when looking at Blockchain. After Prof. Ametrano’s speech two very interesting Blockchain Start-ups named Bernstein (intellectual property management on the blockchain) and Dropapp (blockchain p2p platform to encourage a blockchain society), presented their own projects and put another piece of the puzzle in the right place showing how Blockchain tech is coming to life.

We will be back to Germany on October 9-10, 2017 for our next Blockchain Academy and if you are interested in knowing more drop us a line or contact us via email or our social pages.




From $600 up to $2800: how the Bitcoin price went up




Published: 23th June 2017

Read this interesting article by Blockchain Academy, BTO vertical about Blockchain.

In June 2016, the Bitcoin price was about to start a long march to its all-time-high price. After less than two years of price stagnation everything changed. More and more people are looking at Bitcoin, discovering Blockchain technology related use cases and this just put a high pressure on the cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole. Bitcoin is not alone and many interesting old and new projects are trying to tackle the Bitcoin dominance. Despite of (or maybe because) having reached such a high value, Bitcoin is undergoing a lot of conflicts which are mostly related to its own governance and how the protocol should be adjusted. Many new Bitcoin Improvement Proposals (so-called BIPs) are being explored to advance Bitcoin as it is now. Conflicting interests are what is preventing a broad consensus on how to scale the Bitcoin protocol for good. Nevertheless, an increasing number of investors are heading to Bitcoin and other crypto projects such as Ethereum and Litecoin to have a stake into this new economy. These are the main reasons why the cryptocurrency global market capitalization crossed the $100 Billion lately. This is only the beginning of what it seems the new era which could be remembered as the Internet of Money.




Agile, Lean & DevOps: non è più concesso ignorarli




 Published: 06th June 2017  

Nell’esigente mercato odierno, il cambiamento è intrinseco in tutte le attività, dove opportunità, rischi e mutamenti continui sono all’ordine del giorno.

Una visione olistica diventa quindi fondamentale per sviluppare un contesto che culturalmente è orientato al cambiamento continuo.

Agile, Lean e DevOps sono approcci che supportano proprio questo cambiamento culturale, partendo dal considerare l’IT come un asset strategico al servizio del Business e non un centro di costo di cui disfarsi per reindirizzare le relative risorse...

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BTO won the “Imprese X Innovazione” Prize 




 Published: 23rd May 2017  

BTO won the “Imprese X Innovazione” prize organized by Confindustria with the collaboration of APQI, Italian Quality Prize Association, and many other experts. They judged the company according to the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFGM). The goal of this initiative is to reward and to support companies which invest their energies and resources in innovation strategies. BTO obtained the prize “Imprese X Innovazione” thanks to his successfully investment in research and innovation. BTO’s aim is to study and to analyse the development of digital technologies, from both an academic and a business point of view, and to support high-quality scientific research by encouraging collaboration between researchers and the business environment. BTO is growing in the right direction, being also an example for all the companies which want to develop strategies based on innovation.


For further information, read the Confindustria’s press release: Confindustria’s Press Release




BTO Sponsor at Agile O’Day  




 Published: 21st April 2017  

On 12th May, in Naples - Italy, BTO will participate as Sponsor to a one day event on Agile, the Agile O’Day. The goal of the event is to spread the values of the Agile Manifesto, highlighting in a direct way their effectiveness at all organizational levels of the different realities: companies, organizations, start-ups and no profit realities. The event is characterized by a series of frontal interventions and depth workshops.


Consult the program, visiting:




Bee'n'Office: the first BTO start-up 




 Published: 10th April 2017  

On 2nd May, BTO will launch his first start-up: Bee'n'Office, the first platform of sharing economy B2B that makes the home-office concept effective to revolutionize the way of living business.


The Italian economic environment draw the attention of the companies toward the reduction of costs. Companies are looking for economic solutions especially in business trips, but keeping always quality and efficiency.


Bee'n'Office meets the need of companies by proposing luxury workplaces perfect for top managers, lawyers, business owners, sales managers, psychologists, therapists and many other professionals.

Bee'n'Office is the best solution for events, exhibitions, congresses, advertising spots but, above all, hotels and apartments. Why hotels and apartments? Because Bee’n’Office provides, next officer services, also the comfort and privacy of an apartment where professionals can spend their business trips in the best possible way.



BTO at Blockshow Europe 2017  




 Published: 7th April 2017  

On 6th April, BTO took part at the Blockshow Europe 2017 in Munich with Marco Favia, Head of B3 – Blockchain Business Board. The event is a major international event for showcasing Blockchain solutions organized by CoinTelegraph.


In the event took part Blockchain, Technology and Finance professionals from all over the world such us Charlie Shrem, Founder of the Bitcoin Foundation, Paolo Tasca, Executive Director UCL Centre for Blockchain, Adam Stradling, Bitcoin and Blockchain pioneer, and many others.


The event was an opportunity to present our disruptive solutions of Blockchain Technology and to know the latest Blockchain investment trends. We also gave our understanding on how Blockchain is impacting the markets and saw different Blockchain solutions from 8 vital Industries: Payments & Remittances, Internet of Thinks, Content Distribution, Energy, Intellectual Property, Supply Chain, Insurance and Digital Identity. For other information on our solutions about Blockchain, take a look at:  



Business Innovation Through Blockchain: The B3 Perspective




 Published: 24th March 2017  

After the success of Big Data Analytics, Trends and Challenges in Digital Business Innovation and The Future of Digital Business Innovation, Vincenzo Morabito, Associate Professor at the Management & Technology Department, Bocconi University, publishes a new book: Business Innovation Through Blockchain: The B3 Perspective. The book explores the main challenges and trends related to the use of blockchain technology for digital business innovation with the aim of providing practitioners with stimulating insights and ideas. Readers will find a unified survey of current scientific work on blockchain and related phenomena, such as bitcoin, from a range of perspectives, including information systems, technology management, innovation research, computer science, and engineering. In this way, the book links research and industry practices suitable for use by practitioners in their day-to-day activities and also provides an update on what academia may offer in terms of industry proposals. The contents are divided into three parts. After discussion of blockchain technology and management, including impacts on value chains and systems, governance, and security issues, the bitcoin phenomenon and main technological trends in the use of blockchain are addressed. The final part presents examples of business innovation using blockchain that are drawn from across the globe. Throughout, the author adopts a methodologically rigorous approach while ensuring that the text is readily understandable for readers, regardless of their degree of acquaintance with blockchain.  


For further information check here:



BTO Digital Executive Community on 




 Published: 23rd March 2017  

Everyone acclaimed The BTO Digital Executive Community on Blockchain. dedicated an article about our event on Blockchain technology. Read the article below  


BTO Digital Executive Community: un evento internazionale sulla Blockchain 


Blockchain Disruption Summit, il primo evento dell’anno organizzato da BTO Research

Venerdì 17 Marzo si è tenuto il primo evento dell’anno di BTO Digital Executive Community, il quale ha riunito a Milano più di 100 manager, responsabili di sistemi informativi, marketing, pagamenti e security, attorno al tema che, da qualche anno a questa parte, sta catturando l’attenzione di molte aziende: la Blockchain Technology. La giornata, organizzata da BTO Research, nasce come momento di incontro tra il mondo accademico e il mondo business per confrontare, in maniera informale e indipendente, cosa la ricerca dice sul tema Blockchain e come le aziende effettivamente la affrontano nella loro quotidianità. A rappresentare il mondo accademico, BTO ha invitato il professore Garrick Hileman dell’Università di Cambridge e London School of Economics, massimo esperto internazionale della tematica. Hileman ha guidato i partecipanti verso una chiara comprensione della tecnologia Blockchain, analizzando le principali sfide e opportunità collegate al fenomeno. Altri ospiti dell’evento firmato BTO, due startup innovative italiane, Eternity Wall e Inbitcoin, le quali hanno presentato la loro esperienza con la finalità di dare reale prova di quanto questa tecnologia stia impattando le attività aziendali.

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Digital Executive Community: Blockchain Disruption Summit 




 Published: 20th March 2017  

On March 17th, BTO organized the first Digital Executive Community of 2017, a full-immersive event about the Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology. The event has seen knowledgeable speaker, innovative startups and more than 80 CxOs from several industries all together to talk about Blockchain. The main speaker of the event was Garrick Hileman, Professor at London School of Economics and Cambridge University. He analysed the main challenges and opportunities related to the phenomenon. Other guests at the event were two Italian innovative startups, Eternity Wall and Inbitcoin, which presented their experience with the aim of giving real proof of how this technology is impacting business operations. We talked about Blockchain and the redefinition of Banking Infrastructures and the impact of Blockchain on the Financial Sector. According to industry experts, Blockchain will influence global financial organizations to rethink banking infrastructures where currency and goods become individual assets. FinTech companies and industries such as Insurance, Transportation, Healthcare, PA and so on, are increasingly focusing their investments in Blockchain technology for multiple reasons: increased transaction transparency, system efficiency, real-time transaction track records, clarity of information and a shared database that creates consensus among users through the absence of intermediaries.  



BTO attended The Blockchain Academy London, 13-14 March, 2017 




 Published: 16th March 2017  

BTO and more than 25 participants from various industries took part at The Blockchain Academy organized by B3 – Blockchain Business Board, held in London on March 13th-14th. The Blockchain Academy was a 2-day event on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology with international experts: Garrick Hileman (LSE and Cambridge University), Daniele De Gennaro (European Banking Federation - EBF) and Ferdinando M. Ametrano (Politecnico di Milano). The event has been designed in order to guarantee a full comprehension of Blockchain technology for all participants. We had the opportunity to study as well as practice what we have been listening from the intriguing speakers. We were able to get a comprehensive outlook on Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology.  



BTO at CIO Talks, Vienna 




 Published: 15th March 2017  

On March 30th BTO will take part at “CIO Talks”. The event is organized in collaboration with Vienna University of Economics and Business, and will face the topic of “Empowering Digital Life”. The main speech will be held by Alexander Stock, A1 IT Director, current responsible for transformation and development of A1’s IT environment. He will present how the era of digitalization is impacting existing companies, their products and organizations. He will also show how A1 is exploiting the advantages of digital transformation for the internal organizational and technological development.  


Register now at:



BTO: Partner at the DevOps event  




 Published: 10th March 2017  

On 22nd March, in Lubiana - Slovenia, BTO will participate as Partner to a one day event on DevOps, organized by IIBA Slovenia Chapter.


Felice Pescatore, Disciplined Agile Certified and Microsoft MVP ALM, will held a workshop dedicated to the Disciplined Agile 2.1 framework. Felice will describe the value of DevOps highlighting how the cultural transformation involves the whole organization and not only the Dev & Ops’ actions.


The main topics which will be faced during the event are:


  • DevOps, nice to meet you
  • Holistic vision is the key
  • The Three Ways of DevOps
  • Road to Disciplined DevOps: from DAD to DA 2.17
  • Discover DA 2.1:
    • Disciplined Initiative
    • Disciplined DevOps
    • Disciplined Growth


Consult the program, visiting:



BTO ICT Procurement Dashboard: Agile Software Development 




 Published: 24th February 2017  

On February 17th, BTO organized the first ICT Procurement Dashboard of 2017 about Agile Software Development - Evolving together to build mutual value. The main speaker of the event was Felice Pescatore, Disciplined Agile Certified and Microsoft MVP ALM and co-founder of DALia Area in BTO Research. Many managers from different industries took part at our event: they had the opportunity to have a comprehensive outlook on this rising topic. The event was an unique opportunity to transfer a deeper knowledge on the culture related to the Agile Software Development. The goal of our ICT Procurement Dashboard is to provide an efficient support to all the companies to improve their business activities.  



BTO: Partner of the “Agile Lean Conference 2017” 




 Published: 15th February 2017  

The Agile Lean Conference Italy 2017 is a one-day event that aims disclosure of everything that revolves around the Agile, Lean and innovative Startups’ world. This year will be a special focus on skills and competences as coaching, leadership, basic facilitation project managers, team leaders, scrum master, and neo-entrepreneurs of today and tomorrow.

BTO will participate as Partner, deepening these new trending topics, giving an academic and practical perspectives.

Felice Pescatore, BTO Research Manager and Enterprise Lean Coach & Disciplined Agilist, will face the “DevOps & Outsourcing: strategies and concrete practices” speech.


When: 28th February, 2017

Where: Rome, Spazio Attivo Roma Tecnopolo Tiburtino


Consult the program visiting



BTO Special Guest at “Agile. DevOps. Plan” workshop by CA Technologies 




 Published: 9th February 2017  

BTO participated as special guest at the "Agile. DevOps. Plan" workshop by CA Technologies, explaining the value of Applied Research in the context of Digital Transformation, in particular in the Agile and DevOps world. Together with the guests of CA Technologies, we have analyzed the Project Portfolio Management and the Agile Methodology topics. The workshop presented also the DevOps philosophy with an academic and practical perspectives, deepening the main features. The workshop represented an opportunity to explore new mindset aimed at collaboration between teams, understanding the principles which underpin this work philosophy.



BUPs premia le startup più innovative e lancia il primo acceleratore di startup nel cuore di Milano 




 Published: 9th November 2016 

L’innovazione digitale, l’Industria 4.0 e l’Open Innovation sono entrate improvvisamente anche nel dibattito politico, mentre sembra che il fenomeno della nascita e crescita delle startup sia ormai un tema ampiamente trattato.

Eppure, rimangono ancora delle domande a cui dare una risposta: qual è la vita, la durata e la percentuale di successo delle tante realtà che ogni giorno nascono in Italia?

La risposta viene fornita da BUPs, programma di incubazione e accelerazione rivolto al mondo delle startup che partirà il 1 gennaio 2017, nato sulla base di una ricerca scientifica finanziata da BTO Research e coordinata da Vincenzo Morabito e Vincenzo Perrone, professori presso l’Università Commerciale Luigi Bocconi.

Read More

GUARDA IL VIDEO "BUPs rewards the best innovative startups"




BTO is glad to share with you a great news! 




Dr. Ajaz Hussain – an esteemed member of BTO Family since May, 2015 – contributing as ‘Principal Advisory – Research & Analytics’ after earning his PhD (IT) degree from Politecnico di Milano, Italy. As an IT professional with strong PhD level technology research portfolio, having +10 years diverse academic- and industry-level experience in various sectors, including R&D Department, Project Management, Technology Services and Consulting, and Software Development. His research interests include identification of Social Network Analysis, Big Data & Analytics, Social Influencers & Influence, Semantic Networks, Information Systems, Sentiment Analysis, and Scalable Graph Visualization.

Tireless efforts of Dr. Ajaz under chiselled his research and resulted into the state-of-the-art publication in World’s Top 100 Journals in Information Systems domain (Information Systems – Journal – Elsevier, SJR: 1.2 - 45th Rank, 64 H-Index, IF:1.832, 5-Yr-IF: 2.105 ).

Article Link: (Free-Access, validity 50 days, until December 30, 2016)

BTO heartily congratulate Dr. Ajaz for his accomplishment and valuable contribution.



BTO at the Quirinale - Premio dei Premi 2016 




We are glad to announce that BTO has won the “Premio dei Premi 2016” and the “Imprese per Innovazione” prize organized by Confindustria and Apqi (Italian Quality Prize Association) in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo bank.

The competition rewards every year the companies which distinguish themselves for being able to invest in innovations within their structures and obtain or increase their competitive advantage through those investments.

We have won the prize for the “innovative projects strategy planning, integrated with company policies and strategies, which improved financial achievements”.

“These acknowledgements are very important for BTO which is growing day by day and it’s going to consolidate its brand with the main institutional prospective stakeholders.” Said Vincenzo Morabito, BTO scientific coordinator.

Today Florenzo Marra, BTO Italy Country Manager and Alessio Campi, Head of HR Department, have received the prize by the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

Thanks to all the BTO team and our supporters!


Clicking this link it's avalaible the news on the main italian financial newspaper "ilSole24ore"



CIO Talks: how to face digital transformation


 Published: 27th October 2016 

BTO is glad to present "CIO Talks" events, organized in collaboration with Vienna University of Economics and Business.

The first event will be focused on digital transformation in multinational companies.

Stay tuned and discover more at the link below.






BTO at Cloud and DevOps World Event


 Published: 16th June 2016

BTO is always looking for new ideas, opportunities and challenges. We strongly believe in sharing best practices. This year we will attend the Cloud and DevOps World Event. This year’s edition will no longer focus on Cloud implementation, but the strategies, business models and technologies which can activate the Cloud, and drive new opportunities for your organization. It will be an opportunity, through case studies, to understand how to drive a business into the digital economy and to realise the potential of Cloud Computing. Click here for discovering more about the event, participants and sponsors.



BTO Sponsor for EMCIS 2016 


BTO is sponsor for the 13th “European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems” (EMCIS 2016), which will be held at Krakow, Poland.


EMCIS is one of the premier conferences for Information Systems academics and professionals, covering technical, organisational, business and social issues in the application of Information Technology.


For more information, please visit the website 


BTO receives official endorsment by the UK Government 



 Published: 26th May 2016

We are glad to publish the endorsment letter signed by the UK Trade and Investment Department. Thanks and greetings to all BTO Team!

Ref: Acknowledgement Letter for BTO Research Ltd

To Whom it May Concern,

I would like to confirm and acknowledge the services rendered by BTO Research Ltd across a range of organisations within the UK and Internationally. The company is active in the fields of applied research and knowledge and technology transfer. Read More




BTO App is now available!


 Published: 13th May 2016 

BTO is glad to present BTO Connect! The new app is now available on Play Store and App Store for iOS devices. Through our new app you can keep yourself updated about BTO events and you can find key speakers, contents and documents about our products. Hot topic, overviews and infographics: what you need for your daily business is available on BTO Connect. Download our App for Android and for iOS




BTO new Website 


 Published: 10th May 2016

BTO is proud to present its new website! New design, updated contents and new sections: these are the ingredients that will let you to discover BTO reality and offering. You can find our activities, what we can do for your business and news about our events. Discover more visiting our website!



BTO New Office – Luxembourg


 Published: 26th February 2016

BTO doesn’t stop growing and we are glad to announce that today, 2016, BTO has a new Legal Entity in Luxembourg. For further information click here.



BTO New Office – Vienna


 Published: 22nd January 2016

BTO doesn’t stop growing. We are glad to announce that today, 2016, BTO has a new Legal Entity in Vienna. For further information click here.



Wirtschafts Universität Wien


 Published: 22nd January 2016

BTO has established a new Academic Partnership with Wirtschafts Universität Wien with the aim of fostering the spread of knowledge supporting research activities in the areas of Information Business, Organization and Management of IT, and Digitalization. This collaboration also aims to develop a professional network, which increases the dialogue between Academic Research, University and Enterprises.



BTO becomes S.p.A.


 Published: 17th December 2015

Business digiTal Outlook Research Program changes its type of legal entity and becomes BTO Research S.p.A. The company, founded in 2004 by Professor Vincenzo Morabito, has its headquarter in Milan and offices in many foreign countries like Rome, London, Paris, Luxembourg, Munich and Madrid. After ten years of exponential growth in terms of business and collaborators, the Top Management decides to open this ambitious project to new investors who strongly believe in innovation, young talents and in the scientific research.



Universidad Carlos III de Madrid


 Published: 12th September 2015

BTO is looking forward to a number of forthcoming joint projects with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. The main goals of this collaboration are the enhancement of research opportunities on the subjects of technology, innovation and digital development for the creation, communication and application of new knowledge and the establishment of a wide-ranging network of academic and professional experts.



Grenoble Graduate School of Business


 Published: 11th July 2015

BTO has signed an Academic Partnership with Grenoble Graduate School of Business (Grenoble Ecole de Management). The aim of this collaboration is the development of a research network of academic and professional experts, focused on the analysis and the managerial application of the main digital and IT issues.



BTO per EMCIS 2015


 Published: 26th May 2015

BTO is sponsor for the 12th “European, Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems” (EMCIS 2015), which will be held at Athens, Greece. EMCIS is one of the premier conferences for Information Systems academics and professionals, covering technical, organisational, business and social issues in the application of Information Technology. The event will address the main IS discipline with regional as well as global perspective. For more information, please visit the website.



BTO New Office – Munich


 Published: 21st July 2014

BTO is extending its activities in other countries. We are glad to announce that today, 2014, BTO has a new Legal Entity in Munich. For further information click here.



BTO New Office – London


 Published: 01st February 2013

BTO is growing day by day and we are glad to announce that today, 2013, BTO has a new Legal Entity in London. For further information click here.



BTO New Office – New York


 Published: 01st January 2013

BTO is going to become more international. We are glad to announce that today, 2013, BTO has a new Legal Entity in New York. For further information click here.