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Business digiTal Outlook Research Program

Professional Profile

  • Provide precise, timely answers to requests from senior colleagues

  • Clarify research needs

  • Identify company and industry information

  • Summarize multiple resources in order to be used by consultants

“As a Junior Project Analyst in BTO you will experience a creative environment with outstanding and talented individuals. You will have the chance to work closely with a research team that will provide you with day-by-day feedback and allow you to gain exposure to senior Client Executives. By joining BTO, you will have an unrivaled chance to grow both professionally and personally”

Doina Sargu

Junior Project Analyst

“The daily activities of a BTO Junior Project Analyst provide great opportunities to improve your knowledge and skills as a Researcher,
while directly in contact with important companies across various industries and to attend events which involve BTO’s extensive academic network.
Joining BTO means having the chance to challenge yourself with a fast pace environment
that will help you grow professionally and as an individual”

Antonio Errigo

Junior Project Analyst

Professional Profile

  • Capability of building strong relationships and working well as part of a team

  • Analytical skills used to derive insight from complex information sources

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

“As a Senior Project Analyst you will help consultants prioritize research needs, deploy cost-effective research to meet needs and develop end products to present your findings. If you join BTO you will make great ideas happen for some of the world’s most successful companies.
Choose a career at BTO and enjoy an innovative environment where challenging and interesting activities are part of daily life”

Chiara Lai

Research Analyst

“Senior Project Analysts are driven by a pioneering spirit and sense of achievement and they are dedicated to business improvement through innovation and top services.
As Senior Project Analysts you will have the chance to continue developing new skills while working with cutting-edge of innovation.
Working as a Senior Project Analyst will give you the opportunity to operate closely with international partners and to contribute directly to their results.
The variety of ideas, knowledge experiences and culture you’ll get in touch with within BTO will provide you with significant experience”

Luigi Junior Pelella

Research Analyst

Professional Profile

  • Capability to deliver research and consultancy tasks to a high standard of quality

  • Responsibility for successful execution of project deliverables

  • Experience of working with wide range of stakeholders

“As a Project Consultant in BTO you will have the responsibility of coordinating a work team by representing
a point of reference for customers and less experienced colleagues and by managing the entire scope of project activities to which you are assigned.
Professional growth will be ensured by working in a cohesive environment,
where sharing information is essential, as well as the training of all resources”

Eri Tafa

Research Consultant

“As Project Consultants you will have the opportunity to meet CxOs of some of the most important companies in the world and gather valuable knowledge regarding their digital projects. With broad global resources and deep technical know-how, we collaborate with partners to cultivate ideas and deliver results”

Giulia Rasmi

Research Consultant

Professional Profile

  • Handle partner projects through all stages and provide own knowledge

  • Deliver high-quality solutions across multiple industries

  • Developing offerings and assets

  • Mentoring and developing internal resources

“As Managers you will develop your ability to work with people and communicate with business leaders.
You will enjoy the freedom to innovate and the challenge of achieving excellence in ever changing fields of competence.
You will assist our partners in building capabilities for growth and innovation, sharing and building knowledge.
This will give you the opportunity to get an insider look on company dynamics.
Most of all, this position will significantly improve your people-management skills and resilience in achieving results”

Gianluca Minutella

Research Manager

“As Managers you are responsible for developing BTO business relationships
with prospective and existing partners, both from universities and companies.
You will meet important business figures, creating relations even at the highest level of the organization
and learn how to satisfy their business needs in an efficient way”

Antonio Attinà

Research Manager