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Business digiTal Outlook Research Program

Consulting is asking someone you trust, such as your best friend, how to reach your business goals in the fastest, easiest, efficient way possible. BTO is that friend!
BTO Consulting provides its’ Supporters with the knowledge on the most effective ways to run a business, capabilities in translating knowledge into concrete and valuable actions, experience to ensure they achieve tangible results. All this to say: BTO symbolizes Expertise in Execution



The Project Management Area aims to support companies in the concrete execution of their projects through a specific PMO methodology, in order to create and share standards to help companies meet goals on time and on budget.
BTO can now boast over 10 years of experience in Project Management, which extend internationally and cross-industrially, providing competencies and methodologies aligned with prominent global standards. Resources are continuously updated and trained through a focused Development Program, in association with the IPMA institute, on developing Project Management skills and competencies. Furthermore, a continuous delivery of the latest IT and Digital trends is provided to all resources through BTO’s vast University Network


BTO Data Scientist teams are composed of interdisciplinary experts in mathematics, statistics, information science with full knowledge in both Data Analysis fields (such as statistics, data mining and predictive analytics) and technology (such as classical knowledge discovery databases and Big Data tools). BTO designs and develops processes and systems in order to extract insights and knowledge from data in various forms, structured or unstructured, and different sources, oriented at best value generation


Bootstrap Example


BTO provides an integrated approach in Big Data and Analytics fields combining platforms, tools and expertise in order to achieve faster and cheaper gathering of business valuable information

Agile, Lean & DevOps

DALia is an innovative framework , developed by BTO, which aim is to support Partners in the change management process towards a modern, Agile-like approach. DALia’s solutions portfolio is structured so as to cover effectively all the phases of this transition


BTO maps IT and Business processes, analyzing both academic reviews and business practices, with the aim to increase efficiency. BTO collects and analyzes data, compares KPIs to benchmark cases and sets coherent development strategies accordingly. In addition, it analyzes the productivity issues underlined by the partner and develops a customized tool to plug the operational gaps. BTO supports its Partners in addressing cutting-edge topics as Cloud Computing and Management & Digital Competences


BTO aims at spreading the possible uses of the algorithm on which BitCoin is based in the business context. BTO has the expertise to explain to its partners as simply and concretely as possible how Blockchain will forever change the way they conduct transactions and carry out business