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Business digiTal Outlook Research Program

Facts, not Stories: Be curious about how Data is improving business value creation

About Us

We help you maximize the achieved value that Big Data withholds: analyze and rationalize data, create valuable models, identify new opportunities, create a data centric way-of-thinking, all supported by an in-depth understanding of models and available technologies


  • Segmentation & Clustering

  • Forecasting Models

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Social Network Analysis


  • Architecture models for Big Data Management

  • Big Data Models

  • Data Governance


  • Redefinition of business areas affected by Big Data Mapping

  • Profiling of Data Scientists’ competences


Use Case

Test and analysis on a data sample to run an assessment of the value potential, useful to give an overview on managing Big Data to the Partner

On Demand Services

Periodic analysis on a real Database. The final output is a report that allows to easily gather valuable information

Ad Hoc Advisory

As-Is assessment aimed at implementing an ef-ficient use of Big Data model considering technologies and organizational aspects

The Data Science Area aims to support companies in any process that starts from a problem or an unaddressed opportunity through to the creation of a statistical analysis model and the creation of a concrete analysis tool

Areas of Intervention

   “Data is the new oil? No: Data is the new soil.”David McCandless

Retail & Consumer




Customer Churn

Natural Language