Accelerate Innovation

Accelerate Innovation

Change Management to catch new opportunities

Future is made of uncertainty, but innovation is the only certainty we have. Cloud, big data, analytics, artificial intelligence, blockchain and every kind of technologies will continue to arise and expand in their impact. This will lead to a change in the definition of what is work due to an increase in automation, integration between people and machine and the implementation of the most innovative technologies.

Data shows that the 90% of the biggest companies by 2030 will disappear or will be acquired because of their incapacity to anticipate market trends or adapt to these. Change Management is an important managerial asset that could increase the organization’s change making potential. Being opened to implement and adopt changes inside companies is fundamental.

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In order to be prepared to change, organizations must pay attention to the following change and innovation features:

  • Observing people’s daily behaviors, both of customers and employees. From individuals lives, many innovative business opportunities could be generated and then implemented, and a competitive advantage could be achieved;
  • Being agile. Understand, implement, change, fail, learn from mistakes, rethink, apply new solutions and being proactive must be the keywords for achieve success due to innovation;
  • Change in relation to the market is not enough. Companies must also change internally. An organizational culture must embrace innovation, but also relevant metrics must be developed and applied in order to scale businesses.

Feel energized by market trends is the key. Changes require a rethinking of everything. People have to change in their mindset, in the way of working and companies must adapt their business models to the new market’ trends and products and services. Innovation has become an essential component in sustaining the competitive advantage. Is important to think as change management as an ongoing, not occasional, activity that should be ingrained in any enterprises every day opening up the possibility to activate change and not follow that.