Bee’n’Office: the first BTO start-up

Bee’n’Office: the first BTO start-up

On 2nd May, BTO will launch his first start-up: Bee’n’Office, the first platform of sharing economy B2B that makes the home-office concept effective to revolutionize the way of living business.

The Italian economic environment draw the attention of the companies toward the reduction of costs. Companies are looking for economic solutions especially in business trips, but keeping always quality and efficiency.

Bee’n’Office meets the need of companies by proposing luxury workplaces perfect for top managers, lawyers, business owners, sales managers, psychologists, therapists and many other professionals.

Bee’n’Office is the best solution for events, exhibitions, congresses, advertising spots but, above all, hotels and apartments. Why hotels and apartments? Because Bee’n’Office provides, next officer services, also the comfort and privacy of an apartment where professionals can spend their business trips in the best possible way.

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