Digital Executive Community: Blockchain Disruption Summit

Digital Executive Community

Blockchain Disruption Summit

On March 17th, BTO organized the first Digital Executive Community of 2017, a full-immersive event about the Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology. The event has seen knowledgeable speaker, innovative startups and more than 80 CxOs from several industries all together to talk about Blockchain. The main speaker of the event was Garrick Hileman, Professor at London School of Economics and Cambridge University.

He analysed the main challenges and opportunities related to the phenomenon. Other guests at the event were two Italian innovative startups, Eternity Wall and Inbitcoin, which presented their experience with the aim of giving real proof of how this technology is impacting business operations. We talked about Blockchain and the redefinition of Banking Infrastructures and the impact of Blockchain on the Financial Sector. According to industry experts, Blockchain will influence global financial organizations to rethink banking infrastructures where currency and goods become individual assets. FinTech companies and industries such as Insurance, Transportation, Healthcare, PA and so on, are increasingly focusing their investments in Blockchain technology for multiple reasons: increased transaction transparency, system efficiency, real-time transaction track records, clarity of information and a shared database that creates consensus among users through the absence of intermediaries.

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