BTO Christmas Night 2018

BTO Christmas Night 2018

Be Engaged, Be Brave, Be Passionate

A week passed from our BTO Christmas Night. Last Friday 14th December at the MiB, Milano Restaurant Café, we celebrated all night the successes of our year, Christmas 2018 and the year to come.

During the night, our special guest Marco Bucciantini provide our people exhaustive examples regarding people’s motivation, engagement and courage. “You want to climb the mountain because it’s there and you know you can do it” and just like Alex Zanardi, we are engaged, brave and passionate.

Florenzo Marra, our Managing Director, concluded the speech providing us a look on the year’s successful numbers and achievement. With more than 230 consultants committed in projects of high value, we collaborate with the biggest international companies and from Italy we arrived in Luxembourg, The United Kingdom, Germany, Austria and France. But all the goals we achieved, are thanks to our people, young talents identified with ambition, courage and dedication.

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from BTO.