BTO Academy on Project Management – BTO Education

BTO Academy on Project Management – BTO Education

The second session of the BTO Academy on Project Management, provided by BTO Education comes to an end.

The BTO Academy on Project Management, co-designed for one of our Partners into the Luxury industry, has come to its second session of class delivery. Providing deepening insight on Project Management tools and techniques, the Academy on Project Management is intended to train people and face projects with the right set of tools used at the right moment. Project Charter, Project Team, Scope Management, Time and Cost Management and Risk Management are just few examples of the key elements that compose the ensemble of topics of our BTO Academy on Project Management. Topics to which companies are interested at in order to better manage projects, reduce costs and define the value generated by their implementation.

Most of the mistakes on managing complexity in projects, come from the beginning. When a project starts, the individuals in charge of setting the basis, need to make sure that the project intended to be implemented, is the right one. In addition, must consider if it could be implemented in the right way and the best conditions are in place. Project Charter is one of the fundamentals when talking about Project Initiation. It is a tool that collects and synthetizes all the main features and elements of the project, resembling a sort of “Identity Card” of the project itself. Therefore, from the start of the project, the Project Manager has to check what are the basis of the project. That in terms of activities, costs, main stakeholders and timing. Overall, has to kept in mind there could be present changes into the starting Scope of the project.

BTO Academy on Project Management, Cristiano Ottavian contribution

As told before, this was just one of the topics faced during our Academy on Project Management. With the contribution of Cristiano Ottavian, Business Trainer and Project Manager who shared with us his years of experience in project management, all the features of project management have been analyzed. Discover more about Education at the following link.

Cristiano Ottavian, Business Trainer, Project manager

Cristiano Ottavian, after graduating in management engineering at the University of Udine – with integration at The University of Guelph (Ontario, Canada) – begins his career in the insurance sector at Generali, becoming also a financial promoter and deepening both the techniques and dynamics of the sales processes and the management of savings and risk. After a few years, he changed for the environmental sector. In this context he deepens the techniques of process optimization and project management, in innovation and in the realization of infrastructures and systems.

He gained confidence in the design management of technological interventions and value-added services, as well as in the organization and management of events and training programs, in the technical, commercial and management areas. He started collaborating in teaching engineering and in the activity of business trainer.

After becoming a consultant, he worked a lot as a Project Manager and Temporary Manager, focusing on business restructuring missions, product / service innovation, development of commercial networks and markets. Associated with the Project Management Institute (PMI) ®, he is a member of the editorial board of the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® Nothern Italy Chapter, as well as co-author of “The glossary of terms of Project Management” (2014).