Digital Community

Digital Community

Here is the countdown for our upcoming Digital Community focused on Business Process Mining taking place in Milan on May 17th.

We selected Business Process Mining (BPM) as the next topic to cover where thanks to our network of expertise and collaboration with experts, BPM will be explained by Prof. Massimo Mecella, Università di Roma La Sapienza, who will guide our audience showing a comprehensive approach which can be applied to companies who believe in digital future. Business Process Mining responds to different needs with main goals: improvement of company performances and homogenize business process execution. Contemporary information systems are based on Robotic Process Automation that can help companies in simplifying their business procedures. Business Process Mining is based on log data concerning all organization process. Each company’s core process is full of information and BPM is focused on this scope with the aim to pull off data using complex algorithm. Based on these above data, the process apply the Data Mining to clean up and to leak the pattern link and to uncover new process model.

Digital transformation helps the organizations increasing the quality of the services or products provided, improve the delivery service or reduce costs. This process consists in integrating applications, restructuring work resources and using the software applications throughout the organizations. Through Artificial Process Automation each organization can identify the bottlenecks and improve the operational efficiency. The aim is to provide enterprises accurate information about what work items exists, how long it takes to complete the work and what is the average waiting time.

All of these possibilities and technological applications whould be analysed in the depth during our Digital Community. Stay tuned in order to receive further information about the first BTO digital community of the year.