Data and Business Analytics

Data and Business Analytics

Different methodologies for a company’s interests

Talking about Business Intelligence and Analytics, we refer to the set of instruments and applications made of software of access, analysis, and visualization of data that help management to control and monitor the company’s performance in order to take better decisions.

Until a few days ago, Business Intelligence was only for big companies. Today, due to the new market conditions and technological opportunities, also the Small and Medium Enterprises invest in those systems that, become for companies, important for the enterprise’s knowledge. In managing an enterprise, experience and intuition must be supported by objective data. Data refers to the past but also to present and future predictions.

Companies are so supported by Data Analytics and Business analytics, but these are different. Data Analytics is more technical based on data cleaning, data purging, finding correlations and many other things. The focus is to build models to see how data responds to these models. Business analytics is more process-oriented looking at the day to day operations of the company. A business analyst should be able to interpret the data looking in optimizing models. This is the approach to introducing and managing change to organizations facilitating it. This is aimed at identifying and define the solutions that will enhance the value of an organization.

Implement a data or business analysis depends on the singular enterprise’s interests. Each of the methodologies got advantages in terms of conceptual matters, growth, and development in the field of Science and Technology.