Digital Marketing: the Key for Managing Change

Digital Marketing: the Key for Managing Change

Drive your Digital Strategy

Digital strategy matters to all business leaders. Understanding the latest thinking on digital strategy is key for your business to survive. In a constantly changing high-tech era, companies continue to wrestle for attention online. Business leaders need to understand how technology innovation changes the way their firm creates, deliver and captures value.

There are a lot of opportunities coming from the digital world that marketing can leverage to drive business. Customers matters more and more, and their needs are changing because of a switch in the way they refer to services, search for information and buy products. Here after some useful instruments for your business.

Video Marketing is one of the faster growing tools used to engage and reach consumers, internet video traffic has the huge fraction of all consumer internet traffic. From many interviews emerge the fact 70% of customers say that they have shared a brand’s video, 52% of customers say that watching product videos makes them more confident in online purchase decisions and 72% of businesses say video has improved their conversion rate. Live video is gaining popularity with many companies using it for interviews, product demos and “behind the scenes” of events, life in the office and how products are made.

Marketing Automation is about optimizing work output reducing repetitive tasks letting employees put more focus on creativity and in addition, help in targeting potential clients across multiple channels.

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Authentic Content is a powerful wave driving the digital marketing goals. From many reports emerge the fact that consumers look for a genuine and sincere approach. Authenticity and transparency highly influence the consumers decision to support a brand or a product or service.

Influencer Marketing has become all the rage in an industry where social media is increasingly at the epicenter. Brands began to use more this instrument that become one of the most measurable tools of the entire media mix and the result is a rise in positive brand sentiment. Using influencers is a very effective marketing tool that works to attract customers.

Chatbots will continue to be an important part of the digital marketing in 2019. This technology uses instant messaging to chat in real-time, day or night, with your customers or site visitors and the fact of being responsive, give answers promptly and accurately, is fundamentals for your clients.

Companies must be able to choose the best option for their business model to drive the market and consumers changes to come next years.