Digitalization and People

Digitalization and People

The digitalization of business models

Digital transformation is today impacting enterprises in their business model and HR functions. Talking about this topic, the implication it haves on individual and the HR department do not comes directly to people’s mind but if you think about it, a company who’s goal is to be competitive and survive in a market that continuous change and evolve, must invest in employee’s education.

By analyzing how digitalization is impacting the HR area, interesting is understanding that technologies create a more humanized working environment. Looking at the way in which companies were managed in the past, we can see that control was fundamental. Enterprises were based on the division of work, defined roles and tasks’ control while today most of the company embrace creativity, experimentation, initiative and most important, delegation. Challenging is turn the old business model into the new one, considering that consolidated habits are hard for people to change and be accepted. Today most of the companies work with high tech instruments and tools but most of the time, this innovation is not reflected in the organizational culture and business organization.

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Today everything is connected and shared, communication becomes faster, new solutions apply. Is important to have control inside departments and organizations, there must be a figure that manages resources, tasks and is responsible for the outcomes but is also important that an organization is aligned with the market conditions and innovative tools. Enterprises’ functions changes more from vertical to horizontal and agile and are able, in that way, to change rapidly to market’s needs.

Today the HR’s focus has shifted toward building the organization of the future. Companies are hiring young, digitally savvy workers who are confident in doing things independently and sharing information in a transparent way. People who are “lean into” new technologies, platforms and ways of working and who explore and invest in a constant personal and professional reinvention. HR digital transformation is not an option.