Economy As a Service

Which Cloud Journey for

your Business goals?


The cross-industry revolution that is completely transforming the intentions and methods of purchasing and using products and services by Consumers / Customers on the Global Market is irreversibly underway. Every company, if it has not already done so, should reset its own Business strategies and its own efficiency trajectory on the new paradigm (As-a-Service) integrating them with the definition of its own Digital Transformation and Innovation strategy.

In the history of the industrial evolution of companies, the Cloud represents a “disruptive paradigm” for which technological potential has anticipated and directed business trends, and not the opposite. The Cloud has opened a new frontier for Business and those who will be able to grasp its potential will be successful, bringing them to the center of the development of their transformation strategies and new positioning on their reference market on the basis of their specific characteristics and goals.


Cloud Journey services offer our customers a valid reference “compass” to set and make the trajectory of their Cloud Transformation journey more efficient.

The 5 dimensions for an
effective Cloud Governance Strategy







10:00-10:10: Welcome & Introduction

Florenzo Marra, BTO General Manager

10:10-10:25: BTO’s Way to Cloud: Which Cloud Journey for your Business Goals?

Carlo Della Cioppa, BTO Head of Cloud Journey Practice and

Roberta Raimondi, Research Subject Matter Expert of BTO Research

10:25-11:05: Economy As a Service

Prof. Paolo Aversa, Bayes Business School

11:05-11:45: Speakers

Carlo Bozzoli, Global Chief Information Officer of ENEL Group

Giovanni Tracia, Chief Information Officer of Sky Italia

11:45-12:00: Q&A Session

The Professor


Bayes Business School

Paolo Aversa is Associate Professor (Senior Lecturer) and Director of the Full-Time MBA in Strategy at Bayes Business School, visiting Professor at the University of Trento (Italy). He is also Fellow of the Center for Automotive and Mobility Innovation (CAMI) at University Ca’ Foscari in Venice (Italy), and Research Fellow at the Center for Sport and Business at the Stockholm School of Economics (Sweden). At Bayes Business School he teaches at the Full Time MBA, the Executive MBA in Dubai, the MSc in Management, the MSc in Actuarial Management, the PhD in Management, and he collaborates with Bayes Executive Education.

Intense academic activity and numerous professional experiences in support of national and international companies allow him a through knowledge of the topic.


Carlo Bozzoli

Global Chief Information Officer

ENEL Group

Giovanni Tracia

Chief Information Officer

Sky Italia


November 4th 2021