Individuals Inclinations and Jobs

Individuals Inclinations and Jobs

On average, work absorbs half of our life. For that reason, work deserves particular consideration representing an essential strategic decision for the quality of our life.

Today, because of the many social and working changes, workers are in front of requested high mobility and new jobs offering. In today’s labor market the only certainty about future, will not be dictated by organizations but from the personal unique inclinations. Differently from the past, today is not satisfying accept works that are profitable but not gratifying. Nowadays people look for professions that are aligned with their personal inclinations and meanwhile, allows them to preserve high quality life.

Companies are aware of that. Dynamism forced them to build their structure not on separate jobs but on a series of professions that work together. Most of today’s jobs cannot be practice alone. Cooperation among them is required. Consequently, the individual inclinations must be evaluated looking at the coherence between job performance each different job position required.

But what do we mean with individual inclinations? We are our story made of our pleasant and unpleasant experiences, our conscious and unconscious actions. Is not unusual verify that most of the individuals’ winning talents, are those assimilated subconsciously. The conscious learning is just a part, and not the most relevant one, of our abilities. Thanks to the institutional learning, we acquire techniques and methodologies, but the personal inclinations cannot be taught. In every action we are at the same time, our fears, sufferings, abilities, talents and hobbies.

We are the richness and scarcity of our life and consequently, if we want to enhance our abilities, we must choose professionals path that are aligned with the individual we are and inclinations we have. Not many companies’ managers, know that their complete vision of problems and their intuition do not comes from their education but most from the listening of classic music, the contemplation of art piece, nature or animals.

Being able to listen is one of the most important personal skills to manage complex environments and systems. One of the limits of today’s world, is that people and workers are forced to take decisions as soon as possible. The ability of take a decision under pressure and in short term is most of the time, considered a premium value compared to the ability to take the right decision with the right time. But the ability to listen is not enough. People must also have the ability to decide. With decision we mean not the ability to take the right decision, but the ability to act in the right time minimizing mistakes. Successful entrepreneurs got excellent abilities in listening and in deciding.

On March 15th during the BTO Performance Dashboard, we will analyze that topic. Stay tuned to receive more information and details about that.