We innovate in a sustainable way

We support companies on their Innovation and Sustainability paths, considering their goal and starting from their current maturity.



We support client companies on their innovation and sustainability paths, considering their goal and starting from their current maturity, from the strategy to the practical initiatives. Everything happens through custom roadmap and with no one-size-fits-all proposals.

Innovation Strategy


Through three steps: Why, What and How, we help companies define their innovation strategy, what they want to achieve and how, starting from their current state. We propose and build organizational and innovation management elements, from the idea, to the pipeline and to the experimental projects.

Innovation Ecosystem


The innovation ecosystem is the enabling tool for companies to effectively make Open Innovation, opening up to the bi-directional information flows that cross the logical and organizational barriers of the areas of the company and of the company itself towards the public.

Innovation Learn & Play


A training course dedicated to uniform or heterogeneous customer teams that aims to create a common knowledge and language by transferring skills from universities and business schools of global relevance.

Startup Scouting & Academic Radar


Two services proposed thanks to the support of the Research CoE. The Startup Scouting aims to identify, given a perimeter outlined through different dimensions, a set of startups useful and appropriate to the customer’s goal.
The Academic radar is instead a tool for identifying and monitoring global technological trends from an academic perspective, also customizable.

Co-creation workshop


Starting from a precise objective, through the workshop approach it is possible to make the process, the timing and the effort more efficient, also achieving better quality results. We can organise workshops for different purposes and apply appropriate methodologies and tools accordingly.

Circularity Journey


We remodel the life cycle of a product or service by generating or improving a Circular Economy model and, if necessary, identifying external partners to “close the circle” through Open Innovation initiatives.

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