We innovate in a sustainable way

We support companies on their Innovation and Sustainability paths, mixing methodologies coming from both areas and focusing client’s goals.



We provide different services and bespoke projects for our clients to be even more innovative and sustainable. We design custom roadmaps free of one-size-fits-all proposals considering their goals and their maturity and starting point.

Innovation Strategy


Through the three steps Why, What and How, we help companies define their innovation strategy, so what they want to achieve and how. We help companies detecting their innovation definition and building all the organizational and innovation management elements, from the idea to the market.

Innovation Ecosystem


The innovation ecosystem is the enabling tool for companies to make Open Innovation real, opening up to the bi-directional information flows that cross the logical company internal and external borders. We have a proprietary framework for that.

Innovation Learn & Play


We train uniform or heterogeneous client’s teams through bespoke and efficient courses that aims to create a common knowledge and language, by transferring skills from the best global universities and business schools.

Startup Scouting & Academic Radar


We help client’s searching for the most suitable startups worldwide given a pre-defined perimeter and we support building the bridge with the best ones. In addition, we can provide proactively through the Academic radar the newest global technological trends from the academic perspective.

Co-creation workshop


Share with us an objective or a problem and we build-up the most suitable workshop using the most useful methodologies and tools. That’s our favourite proposal to help clients be efficient in terms of timing and effort, without losing the target.



Insurance industry is shaped by new technologies and behavioural changes, for this reason we offer a vertical knowledge and experience helping insurance client’s team work on shared value models, embedded sales channels and deriving data flows, and retail tech.

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Web 3.0 Journey


Day by day we’re entering the Web 3.0, the third evolution of Internet characterized by decentralization and virtualization. We build end-to-end projects based on Blockchain technology, Tokens & NFTs, Virtual Environments and Metaverses. An all these knowledge areas, we work on training & workshop, market research, development projects, team creation and communication.

Circularity Journey


We remodel the life cycle of a product or service by generating or improving a Circular Economy model and we mix this with our Open Innovation experience by identifying external partners worldwide useful to “close the loop”.

Sustainability Strategy


We developed a focused approach for helping companies to reason and to generate their strategy about sustainability, detecting the more valuable goals, the related new KPIs and a roadmap to transform their current value chain in order to be more sustainable and to gain all the benefits coming from having a better ESG Rating and demonstration a better sustainability impact.

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