We innovate in a sustainable way

We support companies on their Innovation and Sustainability paths, mixing methodologies coming from both areas and focusing client’s goals.



We know that Innovation and Sustainability are key challenges in the following years for every company, and we need to start working on these from today. Innovation and Sustainability are strictly connected. We believe that any Innovation a company is going to introduce cannot contemplate a sustainable approach and that each Sustainability project is an innovation project, since it introduces changes at different company levels.
As an independent research center, we support Client companies on building their strategies, on both scopes, and on structuring their way of working accordingly with the proposed roadmap. We promote Open Innovation at every level, by applying a proprietary lightweight framework, stimulating external and profitable collaboration, to reach smarter and higher objectives.

Corporate Innovation

We help large companies building and restructuring their way to make and manage innovation at any level, from ideas to experimentation, working on dedicated goals, strategy, pipeline, processes, and culture. Looking at how innovation can take place within a complex company structure, we design custom operative frameworks by leveraging on top methodologies, knowledge, and experience. Improve corporate innovation performances is the focus, and we provide additional efficiency by opening the company logical borders through a proper and lightweight Open Innovation framework.

Strategic Foresight

Considering the ever changing social and market situations, it become even more important for large company (that are not hyper-flexible like startups) to prepare their self, and to switch their mindset to an anticipatory approach. The Strategic Foresight methodology enable companies integrating their corporate and innovation strategies (at least) with fundamental ingredients coming from weak signals and phenomena that will have a potential impact in the future. Making horizon scanning and developing future scenarios in collaboration with a network of heterogeneous and external point of views, will generate insights valuable at any level.

Web 3.0

The new version of Internet that we’re gradually entering will change companies approach to the market, and especially to the consumers, and to their employees. Through our governance and execution & market knowledge on key web 3.0 pillars like blockchain technology, blockchain derivatives (tokens and smart contacts), virtualization (AR/XR) and metaverses we help large companies looking at their business and positioning opportunities.


Every large company today has sustainability goals, driven by the 2030 Agenda and their internal agendas. Translating corporate goals in effective strategies and activities directly actionable by different company businesses and units is the starting point. We facilitate companies developing a Sustainability Strategy based on a mature knowledge and awareness about sustainability, internal collaboration, and a tangible and measurable roadmap. In addition, we focussed our scope of activity also on Sustainable IT, since we know the IT company area can generate very positive results, and on introducing Circular Economy models within company product and service lifecycles, or by analysing selected company areas.

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