Intelligent Enterprises

Intelligent Enterprises

Technology-based products and services have a tremendous impact on the way people work and live. Businesses and their technological offering are driving an unprecedent change in societies. Few years ago, the digital transformation was limited to a few well-known industries but today no companies are safe. As innovation continues to accelerate, we are entering in the era defined by the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things, Robotics and many other technologies. All these allow us to define a new category of companies: The Intelligent Enterprises. These are new type of organizations that leverages intelligent technologies like automation to reduce repetitive tasks and free employees to do more meaningful work.

As companies continue to grow as digital enterprises, need to keep up with the latest technologies. These will shape the way in which companies will build the next generation of business and create a path toward future growth. Experts are saying that these technologies could transform our lives as much as the industrial revolution.

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AI is a collection of advanced technologies that allows machines to sense, comprehend, act and learn. For business this means a change in act and manage technology. This latest innovation finds many applications and its utility growth as data are bigger in their amount. The more data an AI is given, the better are its predictions. AI systems are designed to collaborate with people, both in companies and societies using data and information to provide people with the most appropriate actions to be implemented. But is fundamental understand that the AI must act correctly mostly because this technology becomes more integrated with society and have a direct impact on financial decisions, health, criminal justice and more.  But Artificial Intelligence is not alone. Extended Reality technologies is changing the way people live experiences and connect with information immersing people in a new experience thanks to the visual, audio and olfactory senses. This reality is composed by the:

  • Virtual Reality: it takes users out of their real-world environment;
  • Augmented Reality: allows users to experience the relationship between the digital and physical world.

Thanks to this new reality, people are placed in an immersive experience allowing companies to create new solutions that bypass distance-based challenges. All these technologies minimize the distance between everything, considering both customers and their experience and companies with their offering and future projections. But these innovations are made of data and companies in order to keep up with innovation, must put data and intelligence at the center of their future. Data are so driven more and more business. The accuracy of information, their veracity and reliability are fundamental to let companies plan, operate and grow correctly. Without all these accuracies, enterprises are open to vulnerability. Every companies must build a “data intelligence” practice using data to support the decision-making process and being always aware, of their veracity.