Marketing & Technology

Marketing & Technology

Marketing and Innovation are inseparable

Digital transformation is available for all businesses and it means engaging talented employees, improving processes and driving profitable business models. There are some advantages coming from digital technology implementation like cost reduction and worldwide distribution. Cutting costs is, since ever, the business goal. Operating online could be a good solution in reduce the costly offices and cloud technologies help companies in reducing their software, hardware and storage solution costs. The worldwide selling distribution, is one of the most used and diffused benefit coming from technology. Internet breaks all kind of barriers, helping companies in improving their business globally.

But technology is going to change also the Marketing field and outputs.

Thanks to innovation will be easier to find customers. Technology will make easier to find and sell for customers, having a disposal a lot of information about the clients and online visitors. Emails also are a useful instrument. These are valuable, can tell everything about a person and are useful to drive any kind of information to them. A deep analysis and comprehension of the enterprises’ customers could also generate a better customization of the product or service a company offer to them. Offering people the best option, will increase their level of satisfaction and engagement and in addition, the company profit.

During the last years, e-commerce grown exponentially. Online purchases allow customers to buy any products from everywhere and most of the time, thanks to e-commerce have access to discounts. This new purchase model will see the implementation of blockchain technologies for what about the payment system. Customers will have access to e-commerce using cryptocurrency increasing the level of security of payments and truthfulness of supply chain.

All this, implies a greater emphasis on data because of the attention marketers have on metrics. Open rates, time spent on pages and the way in which people interact with a page, are all key elements regarding customers. Data and artificial intelligence could help business maximize its potential.

Effective Marketing is about viewing the company from the outside, from the customers perspective. Customers buy solutions to problems and businesses sell products or services that provide these solutions. Link problems to solutions is for marketing and innovation, that are inseparable divisions and roles.