Neuromarketing: Monitoring The Subconscious


Monitoring The Subconscious

Understanding the mechanism that works within the human mind has always been one of the most challenging mysteries in the world. Especially for those involved in marketing, whose ultimate goals is to make sure that people show certain purchasing behavior, understanding what goes on in the mind of increasingly sophisticated individuals is a crucial element.

Brain imaging, functional electromagnetic resonance and EyeTracking are just few examples of the tools Neuromarketing uses to study the behavior and perception of individuals, monitoring how very often subconscious behavior takes over the conscious and rational behavior.

On November the 9th at Palazzo Parigi in Milan, we had the pleasure to analyze this topic with the involvement of Vincenzo Russo, Associate Professor of Consumer Behaviour and Neuromarketing at IULM, Director of the Scientific Research Center of Neuromarketing Behaviour and Brain Lab at IULM. Aim of this Experience meeting was help companies gathering useful data to predict consumer behavior by merging these neuroscientific tools with their traditional approach.