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Infinite is our keyword n°0

Our Manifesto strives to describe the tesserae underlying the fundamental principles that guide those who live in our organization and that can be applied effectively on a daily basis at BTO.

Our manifesto therefore acts as a compass for our behavior, by blazing a trail for what we want to be, and by helping us put it across to others. It stands for who we are and connects us while making us feel equal despite our wonderful diversity.

Our manifesto is not merely theory. Each of our 8 principles is call for action in our everyday life, the free and personal expression of our way of being that is in keeping with our organizational culture.

#1 Team Player

We are the company’s soul and its competitive edge and we drive its constant growth. We create, transform and innovate together through knowledge contamination. Our shared motivation and combined effort have been pushing us to overcome obstacles and to achieve ever more ambitious goals TOGETHER!

Teamplayer > Superstar

#2 Open Minded

We live all over the world, we speak many languages and we come from different backgrounds. We believe in active listening as a key to communicating effectively and productively. We listen to every individual voice because we believe that communication is not hierarchy-based. We are open to exchanging views and to diversity, which we see as an asset and an opportunity!

Diversity= ∞ Opportunity

#3 Growth Mindset

Curiosity, entrepreneurship and the spirit of enterprise underpin our work as we constantly foray into new fields of endeavour. We strive to be the best in our work and to add a positive impact to everything we do. While we may make mistakes, we believe that every mistake can turn into an object lesson to us all. The key to our success is to never stop thinking outside the box in order to come up with a solution to every problem!

∑ Errors = Growth

#4 Goal Oriented

We are goal-driven and we never lose sight of what truly matters in life. Results matter far more than any amount of hours worked. We look beyond the short term as we make long-range plans based on teamwork and mutual trust.

Life balance: task / efficiency

#5 Life-long Learner

We are always in the driving seat to learn and grow both on a personal and professional level. We encourage everyone to give the best of themselves through training programmes and by leveraging on our skills and expertise. We tap into the diverse forms of talent while recognizing individuality, safe in the knowledge that an individual’s growth lies at the heart of our overall development.


#6 Data-driven people

We believe in the importance of data, which we use to gain new insights on how to provide benchmarks as well as to improve and innovate. We understand that only allowing our people to analyse and interpret data thoroughly can help us fully appreciate its real value.

People+ Data =∞Value

#7 Good vibes

Good vibes only are allowed! The secret is being able to look on the bright side no matter what. To always make time to crack a joke, listen to others while avoiding taking oneself too seriously.
The upshot? An increase in efficiency and +100% in smiles.


#8 Flexibility Believer

Flexibility towards work, co-workers, and changes, both small and big. Our approach to our work organization aims to achieve objectives both effectively and efficiently by combining autonomy and collaboration. Although we can plan and make predictions, we know that changes are also opportunities that allow you to look at things from a new point of view and achieve unexpected goals.


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