People And Technology

People And Technology

Collaboration is a two-way street

The collaboration between human and machine could enhance value both for the business and the society. Collaboration between the real and innovative world is fundamental. The value of technological innovation is so when creating a process that generates real progression that helps the human advancement. Its is important to understand all the ways technology can enhance the existing or future processes improving business activities. People must use technologies in the best way. Maximize the impact that innovation offers by connecting different technologies and then combining these with the human being. When technology is used alone, it generates advantages like an increase in speed, efficiency and effectiveness. That is progress. But is when humans use technology, that we reach optimization and process improvement. Combining the power of both humans and machine, is the last step for innovation.

people and technology

Paul Polman, CEO Unilever, said “Technology is changing the nature of work in many ways, but businesses and society still depend on the resilience and creativity of human beings for their success”. The true business advantage lies in the human element. Think about big data. In order to create value from these, you need to intelligently analyze, review and act on data findings.  Behind big data, human creates values and are at the core of every successful initiative. Humans supported by technology is what creates real value but there is human resistance to be considered first.

For the first time, the change is a two-way street. People are not just using products and services, they are feeding information and access back to them. This means create a connection between human and innovation not only for business, but also the people’s personal life. Business innovation is achieved by transforming what you do, how you do and by a new way of working. It means investing in innovation but also enable people accept and use that. Enterprises need to embrace the concepts of empowerment, learning and balancing technology with the individual in order to succeed.