PM Technical & Soft Skills

PM Technical & Soft Skills

Technical know-how and soft skills, are crucial competences for a Project Manager

Just because someone has the title of “project managers” does not mean he or she know effectively how to manage projects. Project management refers to the systemic application of framework, processes, tools and techniques to achieve the desired outcome for a project within a set of constraints like quality and budget. To be an effective project manager and keep projects on track, technical know-how is crucial: technicalities are a must have. Overall, you need to have a strategic and logistical perspective on each project you undertake to optimize cost efficiency and benefits.

The following are technical skills necessary for cover a project management role:

  • Project management software and methodologies: proficiency with the most commonly used technology tools and ability to apply frameworks and methodologies throughout a project’s lifecycle;
  • Reporting and stakeholder management: coordinate with managers, clients and team member is fundamental to set expectations, deliverables and objectives;
  • Team building: build and lead a team of people with different skills toward a unified goal by guiding each member to complete their unique deliverables on time;
  • Resource planning and management: implement a strategy on how project objectives can be met efficiently in the right sequence, by a group of people with unique skills within project constraints;
  • Time management: means the ability to accurately map out talent resources, tasks and dependences, makes timeline estimate and set specific and general schedule and keep everyone on time;
  • Conflict resolution: among team conflict born. Is important to help address interpersonal conflicts among team members.
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Non-technical skills are also fundamental and most of the time, these soft skills are key in determine whether a project manager and the project will be a success. PM must possess leadership and people skills to effectively manage a diverse team of people with their unique personalities and competences. We can say that project managers could base their career on technical, business and people skills.

The following are the non-technical skills fundamental for project managers:

  • Leadership: being a good leader means that you have to act as a manager coordinating tasks and processes, but you also have to outline the vision and define the road map motivating and encouraging people;
  • Motivation: most of the time, projects are very difficult and stressful especially when deadlines are near. As a project manager, your task is to ensure everyone stays motivated;
  • Communication: one of the most important things is to speak the same language of the client. A project manager who is a goof communicator, can resolve or prevent any issues by being clear and getting the right information to the right person using the right channel;
  • Organization: organization is fundamental. Being organize means prioritize tasks, avoid project confusion and documenting every document for future reference and easy access. This skill implies the ability to organize multiple complicated processes in uncertain conditions is essential;
  • Prioritization: information are a lot and overload people’s work and because of that, prioritize time is key to be successful;
  • Problem Solving: a PM always look for risk mitigation;
  • Adaptability: changes happens fast. Planning is vital but the ability to adapt to changes and work with your team to overcome challenges is also important.