Processes and Data

Processes and Data

Log Data Analysis and Process Mining

Based on the Log Data Analysis of the existing company’s informational systems, the Process Mining technique enables to extract knowledge from the event logs commonly available in the company’s information systems. This technique provides new means to discover, monitor and improve processes in a variety of applications domains allowing companies to implement improvement actions.

Process Mining is an important instrument especially for those enterprises that must manage complex operational process. Thanks to the biggest amount of data availability about past process execution and because of the necessity to improve and support the company’s processes in more complex and continuously changing markets, Process Mining is becoming more an essential tool.

The main goal of these techniques is to improve the (re)design, the control and the support of operational business processes and thanks to its cross-disciplinary application, can be apply and be used in every situation and systems.

Management can understand the internal operations’ level, implement actions and measure results on an objective basis. This instrument, is becoming more essential due to its capability to create a direct contact between the designed and established processes and the real one, providing a support both during the project’s realization and their monitoring and improving. Process Mining methodology, for its practical execution and attention on procedures, act as a starting point for driving rearrangement actions that come from organizational changes.