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How to SMARTen up your Project Portofolio Management

There are several effective ways to support the management of projects, programs and portfolios depending on the organization’s maturity level. Organizational maturity determines what a Project Management Officer (PMO) can do and how he can do it. Among the different areas of Project Management there is one which is getting a lot of traction lately which is Project Portfolio Management (PPM). PPM leaders engage business stakeholders to understand their critical needs and challenges of the organization, in order to guide PMOs to meet those needs and resolve those challenges.

For example, companies doing Project Management in marketing are probably dealing with the lack of resources, high expectations from business stakeholders, and a prioritization of tasks and deliverables to be completed on their respective deadlines. Successful PPM will always find easy ways to simplify the activities and tasks involved in project management.

In particular, knowing that companies have to pay attention to their current goals, there are a few tactics that can be put in place to streamline projects. For instance, are your goals SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-based)?

Companies have to decide the tools you are going to use. Individual tasks and deliverables need systems to manage resources, time, and revisions. Using specific tool let companies accomplish their projects goals, by optimising the amount of time and resources put on the projects.

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