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Digital Communities provide both information and training, where the business world is involved in discovering the newest and most innovative topics. We help tactic functions, decision makers and C–Levels to get the most out of the specific topics we discuss: our program aims at inspiring innovation and shedding a light on new interesting and ground-breaking topics which might be declined into new business models or opportunities.

We do so thanks to the best and well-known Professors and Digital Experts of each pioneering subject, by creating business and networking opportunities, enabling high–quality contacts and comparisons within several industries.

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Business Process Mining: From Robotic Process Automation to Intelligent Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation can help companies in simplifying their business procedures. Achieve digital transformation, increase the quality of the services or products provided, improve the delivery service or reduce costs are just few examples of the benefits Robotic Process Automation could provide to enterprises. This process consists of integrating applications, restructuring work resources and using software applications throughout the organization. The Intelligent Process Automation is a step ahead of RPA. That can help companies in identifying bottlenecks and improving the operational efficiency. The aim of IPA is to provide enterprises with accurate information about what work items exists, how long it takes to complete the work and what is the average waiting time.

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