Skill Mapping

Skill Mapping

Improve People’s Engagement and Boost your Business Performance

Nowadays, companies in all industries faces the task of both handling competition and dealing with a changing and more complicated business environment. Most of the time, the enterprises’ resources are disaligned with their role and underestimated respect to their skills. Understanding and enhancing the firm’s resources and talents, their competences and aligning them to their roles, is key.

Skill Mapping is the instrument that allows companies to monitor the people’s competences both considering the hard and soft skills. Thanks to this methodology, companies could understand how to face market uncertainties with a structured and flexible approach. Being aware of the internal area that require improvement and development actions, planning training programs and knowing the level of satisfaction of the company’s employees are all advantages coming from the application of Skill Mapping.

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During our Performance Dashboard that will be held in Milan on March 15th, the main experts on Skill Mapping will analyze in dept that topic. We will provide you the Skill Mapping tools and methodologies to identify the specific skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviors required to operate effectively in a specific trade, profession or job position.

A good implementation of that methodology will help companies in improve their business performance, enhance people’s competences and will help people in feeling more motivated and engaged in their daily working activity. All this will be provided thanks to examples, case studies but most, thanks to practical application of the methodology.

Be part of the Experience and join the next Performance Dashboard.

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