The Experience Program. See what’s next!

The Experience Program

See What’s Next!

The Experience Program has come its first session of delivery. On Friday the 15th, we had the first Performance Dashboard of 2019. Skill Mapping was the main issue of the event. Thanks to the contribution of Roberto Vaccani, SDA Bocconi Professor, we have understood the important role attitudes have in determining the quality of an individual’s personal and professional life. We have learned that often the resources a company have inside their team are either unaligned with their role and underestimated respect to their skills. Skill Mapping is the methodology thanks to which companies could improve their performance and human engagement. Skills, knowledge, abilities and behaviors required to operate effectively in a specific trade, profession or job position are the instrument the Performance Dashboard provide to its participants.

The added value to our Performance Dashboard, over the participation of Giovanni Contino, Performance Dashboard Coordinator and of Roberto Vaccani, main speaker, was the participation of international and important guests. During our event we had the pleasure to host two of the biggest international companies. Their contribution provides to our meeting with concrete examples and proof.

What will follow

Our Experience Program is just at the beginning. On May 2019, will follow the Digital Community on Business Process Mining. Participating to this meeting, you will have the opportunity to develop your innovative and digital competences. All our meetings see the participation of important, international and well-known Professors and Digital Experts, pioneer of that specific subject. Benefit from their presence and take advantage from their knowledge.

Be part of the Experience. Stay tuned in order to receive further information about our next event on May 2019. Keep informed here!