Thanks to our Centers of Excellence and practices, we ride the wave of digital transformation to guide companies and future leaders throughout this process.

Because changes are the driving force behind innovation.

Our aim is to lead our customers along the path of on-going evolution of their digital operating models. We know the technologies and we break them down from a business point of view. We evaluate and select them with an eye to their quality and value for our customers.

We innovate


Our methodologies, which have been consolidated over the years, rely on a scientific approach to respond to the business needs of our customers:


We offer guidance in reinventing information flows, while highlighting opportunities afforded by digital technologies.


We support the evolution of organizations and teams by adopting expertly structured change management strategies.


We support the execution of digital transformation projects and programs. In addition to having a number of specific know-how approaches, our professionals work in a variety of functional contexts and industries.



Thanks to fresh and invaluable insights from academia and business, BTO has been able to help customers discover trends in the digital and IT world, while assisting them in strategic decision-making. Our research team offers:

Academic Technology Radar

We identify global technology trends using leading academic sources: IEE, ACM and Science Direct.

Vendor Scouting

We provide guidance to choose the most suitable digital tool, from analyzing the application requirements to scouting and benchmarking technology while selecting the right software and partners.

Process Reinvention

We investigate processes, key players, corporate systems and objectives in order to jointly re-design all those solutions geared towards boosting automation, reliability and quality.

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We facilitate the digital transformation or introduction of agile practices through our change management framework aimed at helping develop capabilities, values and corporate culture through assessment, implementation and organizational support. The following areas are brought into play on a case-by-case basis

Assessment & Organisational Redesign

BTO relies on this to redesign the core business components: structures, operational processes and social processes.

Skill Mapping & Education

BTO relies on this to detect, map and evaluate any gaps and the necessary interventions required as far as the people, culture and system of competences of the organization are concerned.

Change Management

BTO relies on this to bring about organizational changes, while promoting coordinated communication and staff training with the aim of minimizing any negative impact.

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Professional services

BTO relies on young talents and professionals that we select, train and encourage to work in different business contexts to create value in the areas of:


Professionals and experts certified by internationally renowned accreditation standards.


Agile methodology experts to facilitate and optimize projects within companies.


Experts in IT, governance services, IT financial Planning, KPI monitoring and auditing.


Service Management, e-commerce enrichment, testing and UAT, roll-outs and training professionals.


We transform


Digital Transformation Advisory

We address strategic choices in digital transformation to adopt and revise executive plans and development roadmaps.

Cloud Journey

We support cloud transformation thanks to a variety of methodologies consolidated over the years.

Project Portfolio Management

We expedite digital reinvention by making project portfolio management activities, tools, skills and processes more efficient.

Digital Marketing

We develop digital communication strategies that rely on technology to improve human life.

Tech Trends

BTO supports customers in strategy and operations by exploring the changes, impact and opportunities afforded by different technologies.

Digital transformation advisory

BTO relies on a dedicated team specialized in the following advisory areas:

Digital Transformation Strategies

We support the development of strategic plans for digital transformation and / or strategic models of innovation.

Execution Roadmap Definition & Management

We define and / or revisit the digital transformation roadmap.

Innovation Hub Development & Implementation Management

We identify innovative solutions that can transform a company, while keeping it in line with the vision and objectives of the business plan and brand recognition.

Technology Research

We help scout for platforms and technological solutions that are instrumental in benchmarking, assessment as well as customer choices.

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Digital marketing

15 seconds, the digital marketing area that develops communication strategies based on the value of the Human-hology Business, is the brainchild of the BTO Research Center, which uses technology to create surprising human experiences. Project proposals are based on trend research and the analysis of data collected by the Research Center, through which we study consumer behaviour, while predicting its evolution and purchasing trends. Additionally, we offer creative and operational support in the following areas:


Content Creation – SM Marketing – Video & Photo production – Advocacy Marketing 

We develop social media marketing and digital advertising strategies, with a special focus on art direction, copywriting and photographic or audio-visual productions, while also scouting for digital talents.


UI & UX Design – Web Development – E-commerce & E-learing Platform 

Ci  avvaliamo di esperti di UI & UX design per sviluppare siti, applicazioni ed esclusive piattaforme di vendita digitali B2B/B2C e piattaforme phygital attraverso cui erogare corsi di formazione ed eventi digitali interattivi.


Cloud journey

BTO helps its customers along the cloud-based transformation process, taking charge of the entire organization: business, people, processes and corporate culture.

It operates across the following areas:

Advisory on Cloud Model & Adoption

Cloud adoption is the next logical step to take and we want to be the advisors you can count on throughout this process. Our goal is to achieve levels of innovation, flexibility, agility and scalability to be able to govern complexity and costs.

Cloud Readiness & Cloud Migration Plans Portability Assessment

We ensure the suitability of applications during cloud migration through a cycle-based approach that allows us to control the migration process in its entirety.

Preparation Of Strategic Support Business Cases & Cloud Transformation Plans 

We help to create a comprehensive assessment of the pros and cons of adopting the Cloud and to define which strategy to adopt for a successful transition to the hybrid, private or public Cloud.

Businessman holding mobile phone with virtual cloud computing to transfer data information and upload download application. Technology transformation concept.

Project Portfolio management

The Project Portfolio Management Practice aims to design, develop and implement actions that can make Project Management more efficient and effective. We operate through:


We assess a company’s PPM Practice by identifying its strengths and weaknesses and by guiding its activities through a development roadmap.


We improve on project management methods to turn them into best practices.


We provide support with tool choice and setup in order to facilitate the project management and decision-making processes thus enhancing their outcome.

Added Value Reporting

We provide targeted stakeholders with information by setting consistent timelines and processes to aggregate data and automatize reports.

Consultation on financial information plans and market share. Businessman partners are analyzing data and planning to adjust the proportion of their portfolios.

Tech trends

BTO strategically and operationally exploits the changes, the impact and the opportunities created by technological development to offer its customers the following services:


We take a strategic approach to handle a company’s management units and its information resources in complete safety.

Data Monetization

We help transform data into cost-effective assets.

Business Process Mining

We connect Data Science to the management process to support the analysis of the operational processes on which the Event Logs are based.

Customer Experience & AI

We keep good customer relations and optimize our business efficiency through solutions based on Artificial Intelligence, such as Chatbot, Speech-to-Text, Vision Technology and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).


Work with us

Promote innovation with BTO

We at BTO envision a professional career path of excellence for our human resources right from the recruitment process. Subsequent training and professional development programmes will help our new recruits grow based on individual skills and level of competence.

Thanks to our international reputation and the synergies we have established in the various market contexts we operate in, BTO can offer a 360-degree experience, which is sure to encourage the personal and professional growth of our applicants.