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Thanks to our Centers of Excellence and practices, we ride the wave of Digital Transformation to guide companies and future leaders throughout this process.

Because changes are the driving force behind innovation.

Our aim is to lead our customers along the path of on-going evolution of their digital operating models. We know the technologies and we break them down from a business point of view.

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We continue to grow, but we also do it together with others!

In order to continuously innovate and guide companies through their Digital Reinvention path, we have entered into a partnership with Talent Garden.

The first project we carried out together consists of a survey that aims to investigate whether the relationship between Millenials and the no-code is an effective enabler for aligning figures such as IT, Business and Innovation!

Fill out and share the survey with C-levels or Millennials from other companies: sharing is caring!

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We at BTO envision a professional career path of excellence for our human resources right from the recruitment process. Subsequent training and professional development programmes will help our new recruits grow based on individual skills and level of competence.

Thanks to our international reputation and the synergies we have established in the various market contexts we operate in, BTO can offer a 360-degree experience, which is sure to encourage the personal and professional growth of our applicants.