Technology can be complicated, but we help simplify the process and maximize impact along your journey through our Digital Evolution services.

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BTO Company Profile 2024

Want to Switch to Tomorrow?

The future is for those who think beyond the boundaries of today and uncover the new sources of value.
At BTO Research, we’re committed to catalyzing transformative change. We believe in taking decisive actions that yield meaningful outcomes, propelling both ourselves and our partners toward a brighter future.

What We offer

Our Digital Evolution unit adeptly guides our clients through their Digital Transformation journey. Every strategy we craft is precisely tailored to match our clients’ individual objectives, revolutionizing their operations with cutting-edge digital solutions.
From streamlining processes and enriching customer experiences to strategically positioning data, steering the path towards cloud adoption, and establishing a more resilient cybersecurity roadmap, our objective is to create enduring and palpable value for our clients.

Change, Training & Compliance

We have the methods, practices and tools to strengthen organisational structures, streamline business processes and influence people behaviour. In addition, we implement a robust and well-qualified change management methodology to guide change.

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  • Skill mapping
  • Agile Program
  • Digital Dexterity Gap
  • Education & Training
  • Internal Communication & Brand Awareness

Cloud Journey

Our experts have many years of experience in key industries and a combination of skills and values that ensure the successful delivery of complex consulting projects. We provide expert guidance and strategic insight to help organisations develop and implement strategies to adapt to the digital age.

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  • Cloud Governance
  • FinOps
  • Cloud Strategy Assessment


We provide comprehensive support to our clients from needs assessment through to project implementation. Our turnkey approach ensures accountability for project management, accompanied by tailored technical expertise at every stage, resulting in a seamless and robust cybersecurity solution.

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  • Security Assessment
  • Penetration test
  • OT Security
  • Blue & Red Teaming
  • Technological Advisory
  • Governance & Managed Service

Data Governance

We have the expertise to assess and enhance data utilization within business processes, offering a range of initiatives to maximize the company’s information assets. Our holistic approach ensures deep understanding and drives improved efficiency and value creation.

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  • Data Governance Assessment
  • Data Governance Platform
  • Data Governance Adoption
  • Data Monetization

Digital Advisory

We provide our clients with a compass to help them navigate their cloud transformation journey. We support them through all the steps of their cloud transformation journey with our vertical technology expertise and a proven methodology that allows us to integrate business, technology and organisational aspects.

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  • SME Advisory
  • Tailor-made projects
  • Ad hoc tool development
  • Consulting IT

Innovation Sustainability & Research

We support organisations on their innovation and sustainability journeys, blending methodologies from both fields and focusing on the client’s objectives. In addition, our practice draws on insights from both business and academia, covering the key digital and IT domains.

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  • Trend Analysis
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Future Radar & Foresight Program
  • Open Innovation Ecosystem
  • Sustainable & Green IT
  • Market Screening & Software Selection

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