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The world is changing faster than ever. Shifting demands, evolving business models, increased competition, inflation and complex supply chains are just some of the challenges facing businesses today. In such a dynamic landscape, organisations need to choose their partners with the utmost care. They need partners who share a common goal of creating a sustainable legacy.

At BTO Research, we have earned the trust of the world’s leading organisations to design and implement next-generation business models.
Our comprehensive range of services encompasses a spectrum of offerings designed to cater to diverse needs and challenges across industries. From strategic consulting to implementation support, we provide the expertise and resources necessary to drive sustainable growth and success for our clients.

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Our wide rage of capabilities, ecosystem partnership and unmatched industry expertise can help your business become the next best version of itself.


Our unit skillfully leads our clients’ digital transformation journey.

Each strategy we develop is finely tuned to align with our clients’ specific goals, transforming their operations with advanced digital solutions.


The unit leverages a dynamic team of talented professionals adept at navigating diverse business environments.
With a dual focus on governance and operations, we offer comprehensive support to our clients across the IT landscape.


15 Seconds is BTO’s digital agency. Since 2020, we have been developing integrated communication strategies, with a particular focus on the evolution of trends and data analysis, essential for identifying the characteristics of each market and validating creative ideas.

We anticipate trends in the Digital and IT world

In a rapidly changing market, Artificial Intelligence technology is redefining industries and business processes. Companies need to update and enhance their employees’ skills in this area to remain competitive and innovative.

The growing need to understand the practical applications of AI and anticipate emerging trends requires the integration of Artificial Intelligence solutions into business processes.

Thanks to our Research Team and academic network, we are able to implement advanced projects and plan transformation strategies. We also offer tailor-made training courses to prepare companies for the challenges of the future.

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