Large, complex, transformational strategies promise a lot of value, but often fail to fully deliver. Project management helps you make better decisions, enable innovation, build trust, solve difficult problems and deliver lasting results.

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Company Profile 2024 - BTO Research

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The future is for those who think beyond the boundaries of today and uncover the new sources of value.
At BTO Research, we’re committed to catalyzing transformative change. We believe in taking decisive actions that yield meaningful outcomes, propelling both ourselves and our partners toward a brighter future.

What We offer

Our practice has a dynamic team of talented professionals who are adept at navigating diverse business environments. With a dual focus on Governance and Operations, we provide clients with comprehensive support across the IT landscape.
Our team brings extensive methodological expertise to the table, coupled with a commitment to fostering a culture of business acumen and value creation for our clients.

Project Portfolio Management Advisory

Effective PPM is crucial for realizing company strategy. We assist clients by implementing new methodologies, tools, and change management strategies to accelerate execution. Our support empowers management to confidently navigate critical activities with a wealth of skills and methodologies.

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  • Roadmap Definition & Framework Design
  • Review design of Portfolio Processes
  • Tool Selection & Implementation
  • Decision Enabling Reporting
  • Change Management & Coaching

Project Management

Drawing on 15 years of extensive experience, we provide effective support to client management in the delivery of projects. Our expertise spans project and portfolio management and includes the application of methodologies tailored to the unique needs of each project. We are committed to delivering excellence and ensuring the success of every project we undertake.

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  • Project/Portfolio PMO
  • Business Analyst
  • PMaaS
  • Agile Transformation
  • Agile Project/Portfolio

IT Operations Management

We use our expertise to help clients effectively manage, deliver and control IT services to meet the evolving needs of internal and external users. Our IT Operations service encompasses a range of activities designed to support the management of the IT department.

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  • E-learning/E-commerce Platform Management
  • IT Specific Profiles
  • Service Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • IT Support


We specialise in meticulously reviewing, designing, overseeing and monitoring a range of processes that require precise and tailored management, including supplier/procurement, financial data, demand, asset management and performance management. Our governance approach ensures efficient oversight of every task,

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  • Budgeting & Financials
  • Demand
  • Vendors & Contracts
  • Performance Management
  • Asset Management

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