Our Research and Consulting firm is committed to being your strategic partner in achieving your business goals

We’re one of the fastest growing consultancies, with 300+ talents and professionals

As a Research and Consulting firm, we are specializing in delivering innovative solutions tailored to your unique challenges, we enable digital leaders to innovate and gain sustainable advantages in their digital transformation journey.

We work smartly through our diverse excellence hub of talented individuals and SMEs, academics, and business partners to unlock your full potential.
Since November 2022, our consulting company has been part of the Relatech Group, a company with over 20 years of experience in the world of Information Technology, listed on the EGM of the Italian Stock Exchange since 2019.
Today, we offer synergistic and valuable services to grow with our customers.


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Our Unique Value Proposition

Our Consulting firm is your trusted partner for your projects. From strategy to execution, we can guide you through Digital Transformation.

We are home to Digital Advisors, Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Marketers, all dedicated to making a significant impact in the business world. Our integrated approach combines strategy, research, and technology to ensure the success of every project.


Expert Knowledge & Creativity

In our Consulting firm, our professionals can count on a high level of experience.
They are all highly skilled in using a blend of traditional and innovative techniques to solve our clients’ most complex problems. 

Trusted Relationships & Appeal

Our Partners and Managers use their specialist experience together with the ability to deeply understand clients’ needs and challenges to build trusted and long-lasting relationships.

High Quality & Execution

We deliver the highest quality by granting the client access to our best resources and expertise, with a proven ability to support clients worldwide. 

Trust the Numbers

As a Research and Consulting firm, we have years of experience in the most relevant and rapidly growing sectors of the market.
This allows us to undertake significant and impactful projects.


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Our Values

The impact we leave on People and the world is the measure of everything we do and drives us to give every project our full attention. We are ambitious and determined, passionate about creating, learning and growing fast.

We’ve condensed our values and approach into a Manifesto.

Reading it is essential for experiencing a fulfilling BTO Research.

BTO Manifesto - Consulting firm
Team Player

We are the soul of the company, its competitive advantage and the driver of its continued growth. Together we create, transform and innovate through knowledge contamination.

Our shared motivation and combined efforts have driven us to overcome obstacles and achieve ever more ambitious goals together.

Open Minded

We live all over the world, speak many languages and come from different backgrounds. We believe in active listening as the key to effective and productive communication.

We listen to every voice because we believe that communication is not based on hierarchy. We are open to exchange of views and diversity, which we see as an asset and an opportunity.

Growth Mindset

Curiosity, entrepreneurship and the spirit of enterprise underpin our work, as we continually venture into new areas of endeavour.
We strive to be the best at what we do and to make a positive impact in everything we do. We may make mistakes, but we believe that every mistake can be turned into a lesson for us all. The key to our success is to never stop thinking outside the box to find a solution to every problem!

Goal Oriented

We are goal-oriented and never lose sight of what really matters in life. Results are far more important than the number of hours worked. We look beyond the short term by making long-term plans based on teamwork and mutual trust.

Life-Long Learner

We are always looking to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. We encourage everyone to be the best they can be through training programmes and by using our skills and expertise. We harness the diverse forms of talent and recognise individuality, confident that individual growth is at the heart of our overall development.

Data-Driven People

We believe in the importance of data, which we use to gain new insights for benchmarking, improvement and innovation. We know that only by empowering our people to thoroughly analyse and interpret data can we fully appreciate its true value.

Good Vibes

Only good vibes allowed! The secret is to look on the bright side, no matter what. Always make time for a joke, listen to others and avoid taking yourself too seriously. The result?

An increase in efficiency and a +100% increase in smiles.

Flexibility Believer

Flexibility towards work, people and change, big and small. Our approach to organising our work aims to achieve goals both effectively and efficiently by combining autonomy and collaboration. Although we can plan and predict, we know that change is also an opportunity to look at things in new ways and achieve unexpected goals.

Our Offices


Via Uberto Visconti di Modrone, 12, 20122, Milan


Via Cornelia 498, 00166, Rome


Corso Francesco Ferrucci, 112, 10138, Turin


Viale Angelo Masini, 12, 40126, Bologna


9 Rue du Laboratoire, 1911, Luxembourg


Leopoldstrasse, 10, 80802, Munich


Wallnerstraße 1/3. OG-1010, Vienna

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