BTO embraces  internationality: we  offer the opportunity  to live an international  work experience
in different cities  worldwide such as  Milan, Rome, Bologna, Turin Munich, Wien and Luxembourg.

We strongly believe  nurturing talents is the  key factor to assure a  competitive future. So,  we pick up the best  graduates, invest on  them and empower them  enhancing professional  and personal growth.
BTO enlightens your  competences through a  tailor-made educational  path, made up of ad-hoc training programs and  encourages certification  gaining.
BTO allows its professionals to support Innovative  strategic projects and to  catch the ultimate digital  and IT challenges assuring our partners to keep  up with the continuous  market changes. for our  clients.

With BTO you are part of  an ecosystem of start-up and hubs to supports  partners through high-quality applied research  fulfilling their reinvention  needs in order to boost  their business.
BTO spreads your wings allowing you  to be boundaryless
among industries and  roles, to follow your  own ambition and to  make the difference for  our partners.


Do you want to play “The Long Game” showing all your potential? Take your chance!

By joining the BTO Team you will discover the energy and commitment we dedicate to our customers and our projects, by transforming the working methods with the most innovation technologies.

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