We facilitate Digital Transformation

We operate with assessment, redesign, implementation and organizational projects’ support thanks to an end-to-end logic and specific design interventions.



We have methods, practices and tools to support organizational structures, business processes, people’s behaviour. It also implements a robust and qualified change management method to always accompany change.

Skills Empowerment

Skills Empowerment is like a talent journey, and it includes both skills assessment and training activities. The main goal of this service is to train people in order to fill the gaps highlighted during the assessment phase and to accompany people and organizations toward an up-skilling or re-skilling program, related to new tasks or roles. These two phases can be made together or in autonomous way (for example when the training needs are available). The methodologies and training tools are the most modern and implement logics of group and interactive learning, games, role playing. Online and on site.

Agility Journey

Agility Journey includes all the programs that aim to accompany organizations and people to a more adaptive way of working. By doing so, we break down barriers, create an operative environment and implement the principles of the agile organizations adapted to the real organization readiness.

Change Management Programs

Change Management Programs aim to work on all the elements that enable people to act the change with coordinated actions that transfer the vision, cultural levers and skills. Our change management projects (awareness, education and engagement), may include also the activities of building (or revitalizing) communities and identification and inclusion of «change agents» like reinforcement and acceleration of expected benefits.

Digital Operative Models

Digital Operative Models includes all the projects that aim to evaluate, design and implement new operative models, by acting on structure, process and people in order to transform the organization in a holistic, adaptive and digital environment. This methodology can focus on specific needs like organizational framework of data driven organization or agile organization and so on.

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