We facilitate Digital Transformation

We support the evolution of organizations and teams through the implementation of methodically structured Change Management strategies.



We have methods, practices and tools to support organizational structures, business processes, people’s behaviour. It also implements a robust and qualified change management method to always accompany change.

Digital Proficiency Path

We propose a method that allows to map managerial, process, technical and soft skills. It involves a first phase of skills detection and classification, a second phase of qualification and assessment, a third phase of planning and implementing the change intervention (that could involve communication & training actions).

Agile Transformation

The adopted approach could be read through three different logical waves built on the bi-lateral plan meant to intervene organizationally and culturally in end-to-end processes: the abolishment of existing barriers towards the full adoption of agile logics, the creation of an operational environment and the implementation of the Agile Organization.

Executive Education & Management Academy

Thanks to the vast network of academic and professional experts and to the methodological experience developed in the most prestigious Italian and international business schools, with its Executive Education Programs we are able to propose single workshops or articulated business academies.

Digital Operative Models

Our methodology evaluates, designs and implements new operating models, intervening on structures, processes and people to transform the organization into a holistic, adaptive and digital system – both At the level of individual organizational units or on larger, enterprise perimeters.

Change Management Programs

With our methodology, we work on all the elements that enable people to “act” the change with combined actions that transfer the vision, the cultural and motivational levers and the skills. Our Change Management projects, where possible, include the identification and introduction of the so-called Change agents as reinforcement and accelerator of the expected benefits.

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