We provide a skilled support for the evaluation of the technology offers.

Cybersecurity, risk management and compliance are disciplines that must work in a highly integrated mode, and requires a resilient approach.



BTO supports the customer since the beginning of needs definition and can provide a turnkey approach, with full responsibility for project governance, as well as technical knowledge and support on a specific project phase through a modular approach.


With our consolidated experience and existing links with start-up incubators in the Cyber field, we can offer support in selecting and validating the technologies that better satisty our client’s needs.

Security Assessment

The seniority of the team allows our clients to identify their organization’s valuable and critical assets or services, and evaluate their degree of protection compared to the inherent vulnerability of all the affected components in the relevant contest.

Tools Identification

BTO can work as an Advisor, and support its client in identifying the best tools for each specific application context right from the total panel of technology solutions.

Blue & Red Teaming

The mission of our Blue & Red Team is to support our clients in verifying the responsiveness and effectiveness of their countermeasures. The Blue BTO Team will support the Client’s Blue Team in the “defend” phase, both from real attackers and from the Red Team. The Red Team is primarly focused on testing the effectiveness of a security program by mimicking the techniques and tools used in actual attacks, in the most realistic way possible.


Specialized or dedicated training for the entire corporate population is a key element when facing cyber incidents or frauds. BTO offers both catalog-based and customized programs for Cyber Security training.

Security Reporting

We provide reporting solution based on international assessment standards and methodologies.This expertise is also made available  in the creation of customized reporting, related to our client’s specific needs.

Definition of KPI & KRI

Based on the customer’s needs, the existing conditions and their own peculiarities, we create customized assessment systems in order to measure the efficiency, effectiveness and safety degree of both procedures, services and systems.

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