A new way to communicate

We are 15 Seconds, the digital agency of BTO: we develop integrated communication strategies based on data collection & trend analysis.



We process the data necessary to understand new consumer needs, developing communication strategies that put the user at the centre.
Our mission is to disseminate this strategic approach that we call Human-hology Business, through which we support our clients in developing authentic projects in an increasingly virtual world.

15 Sec of Social
Social Media Strategy | Advocacy Marketing

We develop communication strategies by creating textual, photographic and audiovisual content and Advocacy Marketing strategies.

15 Sec of Production
Live Coverage | Photo Shooting Production | Video Shooting Production

We produce 3D Shootings, photo and videography shoots.

15 Sec of Digital
Rebranding or Digital Rebranding | Digital Strategy | UX & UI Design

We support our clients in defining or redefining their digital presence, from the study of communication assets to the redesign of APPs, websites, and landing pages.

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